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As a journalist, editing remains my staple diet. Perhaps, I subsist on the colons, the commas, the periods and the exclamation marks. Awful raw copies make me wince, but they also inadvertently pay for my bread and butter and the occasional dollop of ice-cream. So they are always welcome. Good copies don't make the job that much easier, the challenge then is to make it better. The ultimate aim is to make a copy perfect for its target audience.

Editing, in my jargon, does not just mean rewriting, it entails proof-reading too. At Deep Blue Ink, there's no extra need for a proof reader, we will do it for you.

We edit:

>> Ph.D dissertations
>> Brochures
>> Journals
>> Reports
>> Book manuscripts
>> Ad copies
>> Admission essays
>> Resumes
>> Web content
>> .. and everything else that you want to be edited.

Rates for these services vary according to the word length and the amount of work that needs to be done.

For rates, send an email to: preetivermalal@gmail.com

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