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:: Managing your boss
Bosses come in different textures: the Raging Bull, Mr Tyrant, The Insecure Boss, Mr Androgyne. Each of them snarl and make demands, they smile occasionally... We all have horror stories to tell, but the pros can tell you how to tackle them.

:: Building a career
It is not just about getting a degree. Most learn the ropes as a trainee or apprentice with an established firm. Any school would hone your design skills and teach you management, but architecture is not just about design. It also means coordination with electricians, plumbers, building materials suppliers, carpenters and contractors.

:: Gift of the gab
With trade zones getting more blurred each day, the demand for people who know foreign languages keeps steadily increasing. The most sought-after is Jawaharlal Nehru University, which offers a three-year degree course in several languages, including French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Persian. The latest offering is the Greek language course. The three-year course leads to a Master's in the same language and a M. Phil and Ph. D. thereafter.

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