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::Footloose in Rajasthan
Debra Borys has a way with dreams, studying psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, makes her walk the mind's maze with such ease. But all the while that she fiddled with other people's dreams, Borys nurtured one for herself - to see India, the land of yoga and Buddhism. Borys, the famous photographer, also has a way with images, she captures them in all their splendor, in their naked truths, in their viciousness. All on her Minolta.

::The Matrix, adventure & charity

::Relief comes on horseback!
Alexander Souri has worked on the special effects of The Matrix and X-Men, produced commercials for clients in China, managed special events at Cannes and Sundance film festivals, piloted his single engine plane across the Atlantic several times, knows French literature and photography…. and now he is into adventure travel.

:: Not at all confused
Tanuja Desai Hidier, writer, singer, lyricist, film-maker, who hops between London and New York singing in two bands, is funky, to say the least. Her debut novel, Born Confused, was chosen Larry King/CNN book of the week...

:: Music from a tiny village
Biswajit Roy Choudhry, the renowned sarod player talks of his childhood, his love for sarod and his little village 'Deoghar'.

:: Sitting pretty

Purva Bedi, who straddles between Los Angeles and New York, and has starred in hits like 'American Desi' and 'Green Card Fever', prays for a little more anger within the South Asian community.

:: Making history by writing it
Khushwant Singh is the most famous of all sardars. He has written 85 books in his 84 years. An agnostic, Singh loves his Scotch, animated women and finds men boring.

:: 'I never ask anything from God'
Madhavrao Scindia, the Maharaja of Gwalior, can fill a palace with his charm and style. But he has just two needs: a clean bedsheet and a clean bathroom. The only thing he regrets is the lack of "cutting edge" that British universities failed to imbibe..

:: Prime Minister with a goatee
Inder Kumar Gujral, the former prime minister of India, shares memories of his dog named Dyer, his two-roomed classroom spilling out on the street and his bright classmate.

:: The batty, scatty veejay & model
Meghana Reddy, just 22, has straddled the ramp and television with equal ease, but her rep varies from a flower-child to a rebel. Surprisingly, she still comes across as a girl next door.

:: In sync with Life
Sonal Mansingh, the noted danseuse, tied the ghungroo around her tiny ankles when she was just four. Today more than 60, she is not afraid of getting old and still loves pouring herself into Life.

:: Of stress, innocence & sensuality

Jatin Das, the famous Indian painter, has an ambivalent relationship with life: he hates the stress of everyday existence, yet is happy when he meets a kindred soul, when the flowers bloom and when the stars defy the soiled sky and shine in all their beauty.

:: Of porcelain skin & male name
Feroz Gujral, is stunning. That's a fact. The model, who was discovered at a cinema, says "knowing me could be boring." She does not smoke, drink and is intimdated by 'cooking'.

:: Primatologist with a green thumb
Iqbal Mallik, has a male name and is a primtaologist. "I have studied primate behaviour all my life. Of late I have my attention towards the garbage problem, the onslaught of plastic and hospital waste, which is endangering so many lives. But all my life I have also loved colours, the reds, the pinks, the greens; I have woven dreams in colour and aesthetics is just a way of life."

:: The dancer who loves gizmos
Birju Maharaj, India's most famous kathak dancer, refuses to be lured even by a 10 carat diamond. Give him some electronic gizmo instead, or challenge him to a game of kite flying…

:: Inside Khushwant Singh's home
Khushwant Singh's home has rarely been photographed. An old sofa with raw silk upholstery, a stool standing at its foot, is his favourite haunt. Brown is dominant in his home - brown sofa, beige upholstery, brown lampshade, brown shelves.

:: Death is beckoning me
Guru Hanuman is India's best known wrestling guru. Anyone who has brought laurels for India in wrestling must have kicked dust in Guru Hanuman's akhada. Such was his training, diligence and passion for the sport.

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