You never know when and where Belief can begin: it could grow out of individual darkness, rise out of a loud laugh, or just happen during those eternal chores. It could begin in that thud of betrayal, in that pandemonium of aloneness, in that irrelevance scribbled in haste, in the love that elevates the paltry into passionate poetry; in the absence of the one who is always present. You can never know.

To me, Deep Blue Ink just happened. I woke out of a dream and walked straight into it. A few years have hastened past since it all began in an apartment in California. It has been fascinating - beautiful moments have been walking in and out of my life talking of Michaelangelo, there's been agony beyond repair, there's been lessons that bettered me, there's been ecstasy that refuses to be measured in coffeespoons, there's salvation waiting a mere heartbeat away.

My seven hours for a story on sex workers was my only tryst with Destiny's eccentricity - they did not choose their wombs, Fate could have played dirty with me too; the soft-spoken prime minister in whose presence even my faint heartbeat pounded like chaos; the roar of the snowmobile on the frozen lake at the Arctic Circle; the tears at the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp; prejudice that was vanquished at the Sydney Mardi Gras; the dawn at Maha Kumbh where god acquired a new hue; the hurried hug of a stranger; the quiet, immeasurable kindness of a guide with tidy crow's feet...

In between, there has been the Me growing out of pigtails and accepting the first strand of silver in my long hair; the giggles that respond when I beckon them; the Faith that has mended its own vulnerable fate; the eyelids that stand guard while the eyes wait, the peace that has conquered the blue sky above me, the lightness of not seeking anything, the love that ticks incessantly...

All articles/photographs featured in Deep Blue Ink have been written/shot by me.



>> She wakes up to the dew

>> In the heart of an old town

>> Away from home

>> An Unfinished Story

>> She met her on the street...

>> A song in her heart

>> A lock of white hair

>> Long ears, flat feet

>> A midnight like this

>> Crocodile cruise in Daintree Rainforest

>> Tea & crab with a cricketer

>> Global Bloggers Meet in Vancouver (September 24-29, 2012)

>> Diving in Maldives

>> Outside the house of Sir Donald Bradman

>>Bang on the Equator

>> Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto

>>Inside a Bedouin home in Oman

>>Suez Canal in Sydney


>>Taiwan. Again!


>>Finding Sir Donald Bradman

>>Lake Nakuru

>>Seeking Mother India in Sydney

>> Foodie's day out in Bangkok


>>Polar Bear Expedition in Churchill, Canada

>> Cesky Krumlov

>> Flanders

>> Antwerp

>> Prague

>> Wadi Rum, Jordan

>> Vancouver

>> Bhutan

>> Songkran Festival, Thailand

>> Beehive Rocket Festival in Yang Shui

>> Jordan

>> Gold Rush Trail in Yukon

>> Canada

>> Hong Kong

>> Kenya

>> Taipei

>> Bohol

>> Abu Dhabi

>>Vabinfaru/Velavaru Islands



>>Hunter Valley


>>Cebu (Philippines)


>>The Maha Kumbh

>>Arctic Circle

>>Train trip: Six days-Six cities through Europe


>>Road trip: San Francisco to Washington DC

>>Auschwitz (Nazi concentration camp)

>>Tallinn (Estonia)


>>Mardi Gras






\>>South Africa




>>F1 in Singapore



>>Kuala Lumpur

>>Dublin, Ireland




>>Riga, Latvia

>>Ko Samui, Thailand

>>Gold Coast, Australia

>>Ljubljana, Slovenia

>>Las Vegas, USA

>>Barossa Valley, Adelaide

>>Stockholm, Sweden

>>Helsinki, Finland

>>Palazzo Versace

>>Design in Sweden

>>Oslo, Bergen (Norway)


National Geographic Adventure

The New York Times


National Geographic Adventure

The Times of India


>>An elusive ghost, the libidinous rhino, the fat elephant...

>>Teeing off with the Canon President

>>Trekking to the world's only living root bridges

>>A walk with the world's third ranked bird watcher

>>In pretty as a postcard Helsinki

>>At home with Santa

>>Teeing off in Shillong's wet golf course

>>For him painting is like a prayer...

>>Close to the angels in a hot air balloon

>>Shopping like a princess in Jaipur

>>A potter and her poetry


>>A Little of Buddha In Her

>>When I first saw the Taj Mahal

>>Thankfully, the bear did not have me for dinner

>>On an 1857 Mutiny trail in Old Delhi

>> Her Skirmishes with Death

>> Khwaja Sahib knows what I Want

>> Pampered Silly in Kurseong

>> Looking for God in New Delhi

.>> A friend called Tendril....

>> Reviving the royal Marwari horses

>> Halfway to heaven on a hot air balloon

>> Getting tempted in Pushkar

>> Come to my ora

>> Monument to faith

>>Getting tipsy in Bastar

>>Macho Afghans & dainty ladoos

>>Temple trail in Orissa

>> Tracking tigers in Betla

>> Feeling like an angel in Netarhat

>> Romance of a forgotten Anglo-Indian summer

>> Scent of mahua & a man in a village haat

>> She appends another day

>> Living in the Wild...

>> Wettest Place on Earth

>> Remembering Ranchi

>> Mad about Mangoes

>> Day of the dahlias

>> Handful of nowheres

>> Deadwood in the City Of Sin

All you say is Radhe Radhe

>> Piety wafts on these streets

>> Royalty in a dusty village